Testimonials“I used David Lovell’s company Written in Stone to replace my roof and repair damage to my residence from a hail storm last year. David was very professional and courteous in dealing with me. He helped me negotiate with my in surface company when they did not initially give me enough of a settlement to fully cover the repairs of the damage that was caused by the storm. He was confident in which repairs the insurance should pay for and contacted me throughout the process, answering any questions I had.

When the repairs were done, the workmanship was excellent and the workmen very courteous. David coordinated with me to ensure that the work was completed at times that agreed with my schedule. My house looks better than it did when I moved in. I definitely recommend Written in Stone for any construction or repair job.”

~ Elizabeth Willoughby


“Hi David,

I wanted to follow up with you on the recent work that your company did on our house as the result of the hailstorm last March.

I want to commend you for the job that you did for us. All of the work that you did for us was completed in a timely fashion, you kept us up to date on each step of the repairs and most of all you handled all of the issues with the insurance company and even fought back with them on items that they did not want to cover.

Thank you for everything that you did for us and if you need any references from us when selling to new clients, please feel free to use our names.


~ Jerry Jones, Flower Mound, Tx


“I had a friend who worked for a roofing company, so I decided to use them as a contractor. He came out, inspected my roof, and informed me that my insurance company would definitely replace my roof. I contacted my insurance company who made an appointment to inspect my roof. My contractor was there as well, and my insurance company informed us that they were only going to replace half of my roof and repair the other half. After that, it seemed that the contractor no longer cared since it was going to be a much smaller job. He went on vacation, so I contacted the owner who said he might come out. I never saw him either.

After receiving no help, I noticed a sign in my neighbor’s yard for Written In Stone. I called the number, and David Lovell answered. We made an appointment, and David came out to my house. He advised me what to do and say as far as contacting my insurance company for reinspection. He also was present when the insurance company came back out. They then decided to replace my entire roof.

Not only did I need the roof replaced, there were water stains in several rooms of my home which required painters. David constantly stayed in contact making sure that everyone arrived when they said they would. There was one time when the roofer didn’t arrive when he said, and David was right on top of it. Once all work was completed, he inspected it for himself.

He’s very conscientious and wants to make sure everything is not only done, but makes sure it’s done to his satisfaction as well. If I ever need any other work done, I will definitely contact him again.”

~ Jana Bennett


“Following damage from an intense hail storm my home needed a new roof, new siding and other damage requiring repair work. After meeting with several contractors and checking references I chose David Lovell.

This is the second time in seven years the roof has been replaced due to hail damage. The first time the contractor agreed to repair all the damage. His follow through was at best poor. He failed to respond to multiple calls and messages and totally botched the timeline. I lived with boarded up windows for months. When he finally got around to making the repairs the roof was replaced and a couple of broken window were repaired. The other damage was not addressed. He took the money first offered by my home insurance and failed to report back to the insurance company that any of the the repairs were completed. I was never able to contact him again.

Working with David was such a pleasure. He started by being present for the inspection ordered by the insurance company and pointing out damage to me of which I was unaware. Then he had to fix the mess left by my previous contractor. David had to track down the contractor’s whereabouts now in a different state and prove to the insurance company the roof had indeed been replaced. Rather than accepting the original amount offered by the insurance company David had me contact a third party who negotiated a monetary amount with my insurance company that was substantially larger. When I left a message for David he got back with me the same day and responded to my concerns. David’s communication with me was so frequent and routine that I rarely needed to contact him. The quality of the work done on the house was exceptional. In the end I was left not only with a new roof but also new siding a new air conditioning unit and the whole house was painted. I even had money to replace the damaged yard art. David took care of everything in a timely manner. I fully intend to use David’s services again and strongly recommend him with no reservations.”

~ Deann Fields


“Thank you so much for the outstanding work, patience, and kindness you displayed while helping us. We truly appreciate you and your friendship. The house looks great and we couldn’t be happier.”

~ Andrew and Jennifer



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