Although it may not be your first experience, there are many issues that can arise after a storm. Written In Stone takes pride in being able to take a possibly stressful situation and make it a much easier one for the homeowner.

Number 1 question we are asked is….

Q.  Will my insurance premium go up if I file a claim?
A.  Great question.  Premium increases are typically based on claims filed for the entire zip code. In this case your premium will increase whether you file a personal claim or not.

Q.  What should I do if I think I might have storm damage?
A.  Call David for a free inspection of your roof…but it doesn’t start there.
First David will check his “Hail Map Software” for notifications of any hail in your area, complete with the date, time of day, and size of hail reported.  This will give you an idea of what happened during the storm.

Q.  Should I have David inspect my roof BEFORE I file a claim?
A.  Yes, David has the expertise to notice damage that others might overlook. He will make sure the adjuster does not overlook anything.

Q.  How soon after storm damage should I file a claim?
A.  As soon as possible. Initial storm damage may cause additional damage if left uncorrected. However, you do have up to 1 year to file a claim if you did not realize you needed it sooner.

Q.  Will insurance cover more than just roof damage? i.e. window, fence, siding, gutter, patio covers?
A.  Yes, in most cases David knows how to get these things covered if at all possible.

Q.  Will Written in Stone co-ordinate all repairs from storm damage?
A.  Absolutely, David will handle all aspects of damage and repairs and give you a hassle-free experience.

Q.  Will I have to deal with various vendors or contractors for the different aspects of damage?
A.  No,  You will only have to deal with one person…David Lovell.

Q.  How do I know I can depend on David & Written In Stone to look out for my best interest?
A.  David has a great history of being honest and operating with the utmost integrity. Please consult the Testimonials of “Satisfied Clients”

Q.  Is Written in Stone General Contracting insured?
A.  Yes, WIS General Contracting, LLC carries a 1 Million Dollar General Liability Policy.


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